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1. Unless otherwise specified, Hua Xia Bank Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Hua Xia Bank") owns the copyright on all contents displayed via any medias on Hua Xia Bank website, including trademark, design, character, image, or any other information. The parties must seek written permission from Hua Xia Bank for any copies or other means of usage of the foregoing contents, and shall indicate the origin of the contents and indicate Hua Xia Bank's copyright upon usage.

2. Hua Xia Bank's website provides download software. Hua Xia Bank owns or has the right to use the copyright of the software. Without permission of the owner of the copyright, other parties shall not copy or make software mirroring on non-Hua Xia Bank servers, or other illegal utilization of the aforesaid software. No party is permitted to make copies or commercial usage of the software without authorization.

3. Hua Xia Bank has the ownership or co-ownership of all intellectual property right for the contents and services developed by Hua Xia Bank or co-developed with other parties. The aforesaid right is protected by the relevant laws of the copyright, trademark, service trademark, patent, and monopoly patented right. The contents of the website include all contents of character, software, image, multimedia, spreadsheet, and advertisement and other information as provided by Hua Xia Bank and are protected by the relevant laws.

4. This website especially states that: "华夏" and its logo and any other characters, images, and other visible marks used to identify Hua Xia Bank, Internet Banking, and other services provided by Hua Xia Bank are owned by Hua Xia Bank and are trade marks, which are protected by laws and regulations. Without permission, other parties shall not revise, copy, or use through other means as of the foregoing trade marks. Any practices with attempts of dilution or disrepute of the foregoing marks constitute the breach of the laws and our website reserves the right to raise legal action..

5. Hua Xia Bank website includes some character, contents provided by other organizations, groups, or business institutions. The copyrights of such contents are owned by the relevant providers. Hua Xia Bank has obtained permission from the owner of the copyright prior to the extraction or copy the said contents.

6. For any breach of State laws and regulations, disrespect conduct of the declaration of the website hereof, or usage of the website contents hereof without our website permission and without noting the origin of contents, our website reserves the right to raise legal actions against the infringing parties. 

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.