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Hua Xia Bank started operation in Beijing in October 1992 when China ushered in the program of opening up and reform led by Chief Architect Deng Xiaoping. The Bank became a nationwide joint stock commercial bank after restructuring in March, 1995. In September 2003, Hua Xia Bank went public as the fifth of Chinese banks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Ticker: 600015). In October 2005, Hua Xia Bank entered into an agreement with the international strategic investor, Deutsche Bank, and completed two rounds of private placement of new shares in October 2008 and April 2011 respectively.

As of end of June 2012, Hua Xia Bank has in place a "hub-and-spoke" network of 33 tier-1 branches, 23 tier-2 branches, 12 cross-city sub-branches and 437 outlets in 68 major cities, and a settlement network of more than 1000 correspondent banks located in 320 cities across 110 countries and regions covering major global trade zones. With total assets of RMB 1354.515 billion, Hua Xia Bank witnessed fast growth and gained impressive profitability with improving asset quality and optimized business structures. The operation efficiency as well as all lines of business is growing at a brisk pace. Hua Xia Bank ranked 97th by asset in 2012 according to The Banker's Top 1000 World Banks ranking published in July. In 2011, it ranked 306th among Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, 96th among Top 500 Chinese Service Enterprises and 67th among Top 200 Chinese Enterprise Performance.

Serving real economy remains a clear focus for Hua Xia Bank and can be evidenced by a range of efforts to forge a brand of "SME Financial Service Provider". In response to the national macro policy of economic development, Hua Xia Bank matches financial services with customers’ demand by supporting the projects of low-income housing construction and urban-rural integration. The Bank aims to be an active player in serving the local economy. More loans are offered to cultural companies and innovative services are provided to serve the "Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers", more outlets are set up in the villages and counties. In serving the micro and small enterprises (MSEs), Hua Xia Bank launched the "Dragon Boat Program" to provide "small, swift, smart" services. The availability and strength of local financial services to MSEs are supported by increasing number of special branches, as well as “Hua Xia Star" marketing campaign. Growth of MSE business in Hua Xia Bank remains higher than the Bank's average growth. Hua Xia Bank won the "2011 SME Support Award" in the Bank Competitiveness Ranking in Asia and was named "Best SME Finance Bank" in "2011 CBN Annual Financial Value Ranking".

Hua Xia Bank has adopted "Customer Orientation" as a key philosophy with ongoing commitment to measure product performance against best standards. At the forefront of innovation in terms of coming out with new products and services, Hua Xia Bank delivers excellent services easily accessible through different channels. Through the nationwide marketing campaign "Thanks for Your Concern, Help Us to Grow", Hua Xia Bank won the public and customer recognition of the Bank's high-quality services. Numerous accolades from China Banking Association since 2009 bear testimony to Hua Xia Bank's service excellence, 12 Hua Xia Bank outlets were included in China Banking Association's "Top 100 Best Performing Banks of Premier Services", 36 Hua Xia Bank outlets in "Top 1000 Best Performing Banks of Premier Services", while Head Office was honored with "Outstanding Contribution Award". Hua Xia Bank's Customer Service Center was named "Best Customer Service Center in Banking Sector" and "Best-In-Class" by the Association.

Hua Xia Bank fulfills its corporate social responsibility by balancing business development and social responsibility. To meet the state loan policy and economic restructuring requirements, Hua Xia Bank shifts its loan mix to offer "green loans" to energy-saving, eco-friendly companies. Hua Xia Bank takes the initiative in supporting charity and public welfare to improve China's livelihood sector, such as donating for the after-quake reconstruction, education of poor students and healthcare improvement of women and children. At Hua Xia Bank, "Integrity, Standard, Harmony" is the core values of corporate culture. In 2011, Hua Xia Bank received numerous awards including "2011 China Banking Association Social Responsibility Practice Award", "Best Social Responsibility Award " and "2011 Top 10 Charity Enterprises".  

In light of the new opportunities and new challenges, Hua Xia Bank seeks steady and sustainable growth through transformation, innovation and "scientific development". The Bank steps up the reform on marketing and management to allocate the right resources to improve its ability of serving the real economy while ensuring risk control. With all the efforts been made, Hua Xia Bank aims to be a modern mid-range bank with adequate working capital, strict internal control, safe operation, excellent services, good efficiency, strong innovation capability and competitiveness in international market. 
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