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Wuxi Sub-Department of Hua Xia Bank’s SME Credit Department was officially open to business on March 26, 2010.

Wuxi Sub-Department actively promotes the unique product of “Dragon Boat Program” while streamlining the management on lending to small enterprises to suit their special requirements. The Sub-Department is building a Bank-Enterprise financing platform where a host of “small, fast, flexible” financial products and tailored solutions are offered.

Wuxi Sub-Department remains market-oriented, customer-focused in building a range of unique loan services. A great number of wholesaling markets cluster around the place where Wuxi Sub-Department is situated. This gives the opportunity for the Sub-Department to work with the peers, guarantee companies, industry association and management committees of the development zones and provides reasonable, convenient, unique and special services for the small business clients in the upstream and downstream of the core enterprises.

Wuxi Sub-Department combines the “Five Innovations” to create maximum satisfaction for the customers. The Sub-Departments strives on working with all sectors to improve and build the golden brand of Hua Xia Bank – the “SME Financial Services Provider.”

Address: Hua Xia Bank Building, 105, Xinsheng Road, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-82728753
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