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The Dragon Boat Program

About the "Dragon Boat" Small Business Financial Services:
In 2009, Hua Xia Bank has been proactively innovating its financial services for small businesses in terms of management structure, operations and product innovation to improve service quality.
In May 2009, the SME Credit Department was set up at the Bank’s headquarters to provide loan services for small businesses. Like the key account support system, this new department has in place independent organizational structure, operations and management, product development, relationship manager team, credit approval processes and credit assessment policies. Being a truly professional and exclusive unit, it has its own SME customer qualification criteria, an independent credit assessment system and credit extension scheme, and a professional team of relationship managers to serve small businesses.
Since June 2009, branches locations such as in Beijing, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Suzhou, Changzhou etc. have also started the SME credit services. Small business clients in other regions and cities will be covered in future.
In November 2009, Hua Xia Bank rolled out the Dragon Boat Small Business Financial Services aiming to offer fast and efficient quality services and customized financial solutions for small business clients. The branded Dragon Boat program is a firm commitment of Hua Xia Bank to delivering win-win and growth for small businesses. 

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