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Tian jin Sub Department
Tianjin Sub-Department of Hua Xia Bank’s SME Credit Department was officially set up in December 2009.

Tianjin Sub-Department aims to establish its strong presence in Circum-bohai region serving the small enterprises through innovation in unique products, management and process, service philosophy and approval steps, especially products and approval steps. The “small, fast, flexible” unique product of “Dragon Boat Program” is designed with simplified steps to cater the needs of the customers.

Tianjin Sub-Department takes its maximum standing on its outlet network. Sub-branch outlets are the main marketing channels for service improvement, increased competitive edge, innovation and breakthrough in financial services to small enterprises. Staffs from Tianjin Sub-Department are all in high spirit to maintain perfect and harmonious conditions all year round to serve every customer.

Tianjin Sub-Department capitalizes all the resources to built a platform and take actions to beef up the golden brand of Hua Xia Bank – the “SME Financial Services Provider.”

Address: Block E, Circum-bohai Building,
9, Binshui Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
Tel: 022-58792289 022-58790911
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