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Chang zhou Sub Department
Changzhou Sub-Department of Hua Xia Bank’s SME Credit Department was officially open to business on January 22, 2010.

Changzhou Sub-Department is now offering all-inclusive financial services to 60000 small corporate clients in Changzhou backed by its independent credit system, high efficiency in approval, diversified products, flexible pricing and differential management.

Currently, Changzhou Sub-Department actively promotes the unique product of “Dragon Boat Program” while streamlining the management on lending to small enterprises to suit their special requirements. The Sub-Department is building a Bank-Enterprise platform where a host of “small, fast, flexible” financial products and tailored solutions are offered.

Changzhou Sub-Department combines the “Five Innovations” to create maximum satisfaction for the customers. The Sub-Departments strives on working with enterprises of all sectors to build the golden brand of Hua Xia Bank – the “SME Financial Services Provider”

Address; 162, Heping North Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu
Tel: 0519-88176282
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