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Cheng du Sub Department
Chengdu Sub-Department of Hua Xia Bank’s SME Credit Department was officially set up in December 2009.

Chengdu Sub-Department is rooted in Chengdu and spans across Sichuan. The Sub-Department leverages its independent credit system, high efficiency in approval, diversified products, flexible pricing and differential management to offer financial services to all the small corporate clients in the area.

At present, Chengdu Sub-Department actively promotes the unique product of “Dragon Boat Program”. Value-added lending, fast lending, relay lending, revolving lending, joint-lending, joint guarantee are some of the professional and targeted products customized to the needs of the small enterprises. The Sub-Department also provides online services for customers to apply loans via Internet Banking. Chengdu Sub-Department is committed to offering quality products and heartfelt services for every small corporate client, “Stay in the Same Dragon Boat, Grow Together”.

Chengdu Sub-Department extends its sincere wish to be friends with all the small corporate clients and achieve win-win, fostering new chapter in the bank-enterprise cooperation. Chengdu Sub-Department aims to build the golden brand of Hua Xia Bank – the “SME Financial Services Provider.”

Address; Block A, Air China Century Center, 1 Hangkong Road, Chengdu
Tel: 028-86029577 028-86029578
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