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Hua Xia Bank & Deutsche Bank cooperation
in the area of SME Client Referral
between China & Germany

With our new cooperation for SME clients, we are now able to refer you to Deutsche Bank in Germany based on mutually agreed standards and procedures in order to discuss your banking service needs for your business in Germany.

Deutsche Bank, founded in Berlin in 1870, is Germany’s leading bank. In Germany, Deutsche Bank provides comprehensive service for private and business clients in more than 770 branches.

Enjoy access to Germany’s leading bank
Benefit from Deutsche Bank’s extensive global network
Deutsche Bank as your reliable banking partner overseas with strong service quality orientation
Easy access to Deutsche Bank expert who is fluent in English, Mandarin and German

Easy procedure
Are you interested?
The only thing to do is to contact your Hua Xia Relationship Manager, and your personal Deutsche Bank expert in Germany will contact you immediately to answer your questions and discuss next steps to assist you with your financial needs.

Don't hesitate!
Approach your Hua Xia Relationship Manager NOW, who will arrange for you to discuss banking services with your Deutsche Bank experts for your international business.


After years of efforts, Hua Xia Bank wins a group of premium and loyal small corporate clients who contribute highly to the Hua Xia's portfolio. In particular the SME Credit Department has gained wide respect from the regulatory body, government, media and customers.

In 2008, Beijing Branch was named "Model Enterprise" by the Beijing Banking Regulatory Commission in recognition of its excellence in offering financial services to small-and-medium enterprises (SME).

In 2009, Nanjing Branch ranked No. 1 in the "Satisfaction List" of the "SME Satisfaction Survey on the Services from Financial Institutions in Nanjing" and won the title of "Preferred Bank of SME Financing."

In September 2009, Hua Xia Bank's SME Credit Department was one of the "Top Ten Institutions in SME Financial Services in China 2009" named by the Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Financial Times.

In November, 2009, among the numerous accolades presented by CFO World, 21st Century Business Herald, China Business News to Hua Xia Bank that the SME Credit Department collected on behalf, they were "Best at SME Services", "SME Financing Services Innovation", "Best at SME Financing Services" and "Best Commercial Bank of China in SME Financial Services. "

On December 12, 2009, Hua Xia Bank won the China Business's Award for "Excellent Bank in Competitive SME Services".

On February 3, 2010, Hua Xia Bank once again was named the Most Trusted Bank in SME in the "Excellence in Financial and Wealth Management List 2009" in confirmation of Hua Xia’s excellent financial services to small-and-medium enterprises.

Hua Xia Bank is delighted to be recognized by all. Winning the awards gives us the determination and confidence to offer the best financial services to this small and mid corporate segment. We remain committed to stay close with the small enterprises, grow together with them and achieve win-win, and inspire to outperform ourselves by their ambitions. 

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